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It's a privilege to read words written by the holy and wise ones who composed ancient prayers, psalms and stories. It connects me with my people, through the centuries, including those who will read together when I am no longer here.

Praying from my own heart and soul is what I do while I am here. I pray here now.

What if every breath is a prayer? It's not the way we usually think of prayer, but it's certainly a real possibility. 

My breath affirms my life, which my Almighty God has given me. 

My breath is my gratitude for my life, this life, now.
It's true! I believe the Most High God, Creator of the Universe is interested in me, and that he truly longs to hear from me. 

God made me. He likes to hear my voice. That's how I describe it because it's my experience with my own children. 

Although God is not a human being, I am. So, I use human analogies to express myself, for my own understanding. 
Good, better, best. Each description of my words works in prayer.

I am not competing with anybody or trying to prove anything in this world when I pray.

Most of the time, my prayers are not for public consumption, so people-pleasing is not an issue.
I grow from hearing myself pray out loud. I learn and I grow in a universal, cosmic way. To me, that's indicative of my soul enlarging for God's purposes.

Having the capacity to know more doesn't mean my soul isn't already perfect. I believe it is. But its perfection can expand. Its capacity to hold what God gives me in this life becomes larger and more serviceable, which is what allows me to be of greater service. 

I long to be of service.
Praying in my own words requires my full attention. No multi-tasking when speaking personally to the Most High God. 

It's easy to become distracted of course, but God knows that. He made us and he knows most of us are like a dog when it spots a squirrel. The chase is on, whether the distraction is our phone or another person. 

Believing in my prayers helps me focus deeply and avoid distraction. That's all I understand.
Nobody taught me that God wants me to believe in him more than I understand him. Not really. But it's pretty obvious when you think about it. Nobody understands God. Some teachers purport to understand God's ways, and spend a long time talking about it. 

All I know for sure is that I want God to make himself known to me, personally. I believe in God and I have faith in God communicating directly with me, at his own times and in his own ways.
Every day, even several times a day, my prayers may have messy beginnings. 

Sometimes my prayers are neat and clever, but mostly they are messy and emotional. And they often involve crying real tears. 

Some say all our prayerful tears are collected in Heaven, like a precious harvest. I like to picture that. It gives me courage to just start praying out loud, no matter how messy I may sound.
What a privilege to have the freedom and the opportunity to pray from my soul! 

The main thing is to remember to do it at least daily, ideally many times a day.

A prayful thought is good, but a genuine prayer expressed with my lips, so that I can hear it spoken, is the best. I always know God hears me, but I need to hear me, too!
This Cinco De Mayo rose bush grows in my garden. I look at it, at the lovely colors, changing as the bud unfolds, and I think of us all.

We change as we unfold and grow, like a rose blossom. Sometimes we're at our loveliest in maturity, just before the petals drop. 

It's not a sad thing, it's life. Life is our precious opportunity to pray.
The Promised Land is a mindset, a choice to see the world as a unique blessing.

My favorite way to say it is, "Bloom where you are planted." It's like a mantra for me.

Going around and around the mountain for 40 years... there are things in my life like that.
How quickly we learn to expect luxuries. My parents and grandparents had no expectation of air conditioning in their homes, vehicles or workplaces.

But I absolutely expect it, and feel as though somebody sucked all the oxygen out of the atmosphere if the A/C is not functioning.

I'm not proud of this sense of entitlement, but I'm admitting it, to God and to myself. 
Not having the eyes to see into the future, which is undoubtedly a blessing, judging myself and others is futile. It's such a habit, a pitiful hobby we all seem to enjoy, but it's just silly.

We can't see any situation the way God sees it, so our judgment is always limited, at best. It may very well be completely wrong.  
I know it's not polite to cross my arms and tap my toes, waiting for God to respond to my prayers. No, that's not appropriate.

But, once in a while I have the great privilege of seeing and/or hearing something ring like a tiny bell inside me. Ding! I prayed about that!

This little bell ringing is a gift, right now, this moment, and I don't want to miss such a precious heads-up. 
The person I was while praying yesterday is not the person I am while praying today. The Today Me has never prayed before, and I am eager for her to express herself! My prayers are ever new.

And they are spontaneous, so they surprise me. In many ways, I learn more about myself each day when hearing myself pray out loud. Praying out loud is necessary for my personal growth.

Praying out loud is how I get to know God as I get to know myself.
Conception is the beginning of the beginning.  The conception of my prayers is where the life of them begins. 

Oh, Lord, please give me the miracle of birth of healthy prayers that grow into productivity that glorifies your Holy Name through me. 

New beginnings in prayer are fragile, like tiny new sprouts or hatchlings. But we can stick with them and watch our prayers and our answers to prayers develop.

There's no right or wrong way to do conceive our prayers, in my opinion. It's a very personal experiment of my own, and yours is your own.
The "residue of God" is a feeling, a sense of heightened awareness. That's what I mean. It's not easy to explain, but undeniable when experienced.

This experience is not the goal, nor is understanding the goal, at least in my opinion.

To me, faith is the goal. Faith in God and faith in my connection to God, at all times. 
What an exciting reality! I am a unique, useful pipline for spiritual energy whenever I pray. No matter how incomprehensible or impossible it sounds, I connect heaven and earth with the sound of my prayers, the words, the songs and even the tears.

How would the world change if we all chose to be prayer-filled pipeline every day?  May I choose to change the world with my prayers, straight through me, from where I stand on this earth to my Father in Heaven. AMEN
Belief is a choice, while understanding is something I may or may not have, or be able to acquire. I can't simply go to the store and buy it.

Understanding is much more elusive. It seems to appear on its own, as a result of spiritual growth or as a precious gift.

Belief in God is a choice I can control. I like that. I like being able to control something about God. My belief is the ONLY thing I can control about God, so it's good to exercise my choice to believe.

Understanding of God is something I desire. I want it and I work, in my own ways, to achieve it.  Listening to other people talk and to my own intuition, a knowledge and understanding of God is building inside me.

But, understanding God is not really the goal, because it's a by-product of prayer and of life; it comes about through experience more than knowledge. 
Wow, I am having heavy buckets and big bags of faith in myself today! Sometimes, the time is right. You can feel it and you know it's time to dive in.

I'm having faith and confidence in the unknown dimensions of creativity and expression. It's like the opposite of fear of the unknown, a common malady. I'm having fearlessness today, and it feels great!

This is not blind faith or recklessness. It's more like swimming with a life preserver. I know I'm surrounded with an unsinkable circle of support. It's God, of course.
I always knew that God made me, but I didn't know what do to about it. Today I do. I've spent many years getting some things out of the way of my relationship with God, and today I got something else out of the way, that big, scary thing most of us face in one way or another - self-doubt. I am not good enough and I'm not ready yet.

Maybe we don't say it out loud, but we think it loudly and often. I am not good enough is an internal mantra humming in the background, like the subtle sound of a refrigerator running. We become numb to the hum of our negative, internal mantra and fail to notice it at all. The negativity becomes reality.

Eventually, when we come to the realization that we're being controlled by the feeling of not being good enough, never being good enough, sometimes we get the courage to change. We work at changing, and that takes time. Sometimes changing takes a long, long time. That's when we feel as though we're not ready yet.

What a wonderful fe…