I always knew that God made me, but I didn't know what do to about it. Today I do. I've spent many years getting some things out of the way of my relationship with God, and today I got something else out of the way, that big, scary thing most of us face in one way or another - self-doubt. I am not good enough and I'm not ready yet.

Maybe we don't say it out loud, but we think it loudly and often. I am not good enough is an internal mantra humming in the background, like the subtle sound of a refrigerator running. We become numb to the hum of our negative, internal mantra and fail to notice it at all. The negativity becomes reality.

Eventually, when we come to the realization that we're being controlled by the feeling of not being good enough, never being good enough, sometimes we get the courage to change. We work at changing, and that takes time. Sometimes changing takes a long, long time. That's when we feel as though we're not ready yet.

What a wonderful feeling to know I am ready today!


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