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Understanding repentence as a course correction changes my prayers, which changes my life. Turns out, it's not an embarrassing thing after all.

Life can be a bumpy ride, and we only make it through if we learn stay on course, weathering all the road blocks, dips, hills and traffic. 

Thank you for setting my course for me, Lord, and helping me steer a steady course on my trip of a lifetime.
I do not take the freedom to pray and to worship God for granted. It is a precious privilege in this world, and I treasure it.

It's like voting. We can exercise our right to vote, or not. The consequences of our votes matter.

We can exercise our right to pray, or not, and the consequences of our prayers matter.

My prayers are an important exercise of my freedom today!
Getting closer to each other, as caring human beings, is futile without God's help. This idea is politically charged these days.

May the people and the cultures who reject God receive God's help in this world now, too.

Thank you for helping me speak out for unity through you, Lord, our genuine hope and our true salvation.
Reaching up, I touch the light of God's love in a tangible way.

Whether it gives me a memorable feeling or not, I touch God's love whenever I reach for it. 

Remembering to reach for the light of God's love is my responsibility. Providing the love is God's job, not mine. 

All the real love I have to share comes from the light of God's love. 

Oh, Lord, the clutter in my life is NOTHING compared to the clutter in my heart and mind.

I must want to clean house, on the inside and outside. I must want to let go of everything in my way now. 

What is the worst thing that can happen if I let go?
Knowing confidence is more robust than believing in confidence. I stand firm in my confidence in you, Lord. 

My confidence in God is the strong foundation of my confidence in myself and my purpose in this life.

May I always have the humility to stand on my confidence in you first, Lord.

Wanting to control how life is unfolding around me is an unquenchable desire without God's help. 

My chronic desire to control things and people around me takes a toll on my mind, my heart and my body. The effects of my attemps to control are more obvious to other people than to me.

Thank you for helping me see and cease my desire to control, Lord.
I long to consciously find God everywhere, without distraction. To me, that's the ultimate absence of idolatry.

Getting to the place where I can see everything (and everyone) as God's creation, and letting go of my constant desire for things (and people) to be different, is my life's goal. 

Thank you for helping me find you everywhere today, Lord!

It's so easy to become overwhelmed by my challenges, or get distracted by trying to avoid them or change them.

My challenges are my opportunities as my soul's best opportunity to grow, just as they have always been for my people, for all people, for all time.